Modern Furniture Styles

Most historical furniture styles can be seen in exclusive stores; however, trending styles are not like regular ones. Fashion has experienced a turnaround and has veered from classic, flashy looks to modern fashion styles, focusing on functionality and artistry. 

Many people describe present-day furniture as modern or contemporary. However, fusing both terms just represents two distinct styles. As you read on, you’ll discover that the word ”modern” and “contemporary” are different types of individual designs. 

Antique: If any of the already described styles catch your fancy, you’ll love antique furniture. Antique furniture has historical attachments to them and is usually produced from wood. They have special ornamental features that enable sellers to give them dates.

American Colonial: This furniture design style is a combination of various traits, ranging from Pennsylvania Dutch, Queen Anne, Jacobean, William and Mary, and Chippendale. Although colonial furniture may be considered kind of old-fashioned, they cover a wide variety of styles similar to that of the British Colonial era. 

Traditional: This is a blend of styles, such as Sheraton, Queen Anne, and Chippendale. Features such as classic ornaments, tapered legs, and straight legs are typical to traditional furniture styles. 

Vintage: These are a modern furniture style when compared to antique furniture. Their age ranges within 50 to 100 years, and are often bought second-hand. People tend to use the terms ”vintage” and ”old”, swapping them in some cases. However, ”vintage” is suggestive of an artistic, distinctive style, bringing nostalgia for ancient periods. 

Rustic: Undoubtedly, rustic furniture gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. This style is manufactured with timber and natural materials like cotton, hide, and linen. You can quickly get this rustic furniture style outlook with accents. 

American Design: There are standard features American design furniture shares; they are solid wood furniture with incredible finishes and unique grains. They are valuable futuristic assets. They are made of stone, metal, and leather, a blend of classy and rustic. 

Retro: Although certain pieces said to be retro are a function of the decade being referenced, retro furniture is characteristic of having trendy designs, like that of old fashion trends. We often use the derogatory term ”kitschy” in describing retro designs, but they have a way of adding a touch of pop culture to give it a colorful and fanciful look. 

Modern: Modern style furniture design emanated from the modernist movement of the early 1900s. It is famous for its monochromatic color palettes and the use of materials like vinyl, leather, steel, and plastic. 

Minimalism: Minimalist furniture is a combination of Modern, Scandinavian Contemporary, and Arts and Crafts furniture, giving a practical and straightforward style with smooth edges and round shapes. If you’re of the mindset that less is more, then you’re a breed of unique minimalists. Utilize open spaces with simple furniture, and you get the feeling of comfort in your home, where you derive satisfaction for yourself and others. 

Relaxed Modern: This furniture style has a minimalism touch with sophistication, beauty, and comfort. They are a sleek pair of silhouettes with soft, fluffy seating, champagne brass metal, and a pair of nickel and oak finishes. 

Contemporary: This refers to standard furniture today. There’s a wide variety of modern style furniture today, and they are famous. 

Shabby Chic: This furniture style originated from England in the 1980s. It is a combination of used, vintage furniture, with new brush and paint effects. These capture the eye and are usually in white. It is often a blend of neutral colors, with rustic effects for that vintage vibe. 

Casual Luxe: This furniture style and improved rustic look is a mixture of popular country forms and rustic finishes with classy styles and neutral color boards. These unique silhouettes exude an elegant and comfortable feel, yet casual and straightforward.  

Urban Collective: This style is new and accommodating, with a modern industrial design, like in the mid-century. They have beautiful finishes, with reclaimed wood and a mixture of metal and slim, custom upholstery. The outcome is texture and lots of styles. 

What’s your furniture style?

Now you have learned about various furniture styles and design elements. You can easily make a pick of your favorite and surround yourself with the designs you love. Visit the Leo Classic Furniture in Florida to guide you in your choice.

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